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VMworld 2021 – My top 6 Sessions

VMworld 2021 – My top  6 Sessions
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     Yaz ayı olmasına rağmen avrupa’da bir çok yönetici herhalde sabırsızlıkla vmworld etkinliği beklemektedir. 5-7 Ekim arasında olan bu etkinlik dünyanın her yerinde remote olarak gerçekleştirilecektir. Bu yıl, konferansın sloganı “Hayal edin” :) yani aklımıza gelmeyecek çözümler ve teknolojiler ile karşı karşıya kalabileceğimizi düşünüyorum. Benim 2 kez barcelona ‘da yerinde katıldığım bu etkinliği özlemiyorum desem yeri olur çünkü yeni teknolojileri yerinde ve yüz yüze dinlemek farklı. pc başında takip etmek bir zorlayacak..Bu yıl VMware, 8 parçaya bölünmüş 600’ün üzerinde oturum, uzmanlara erişim sağlanacak ayrıca konferansa yaklaştıkça daha ilginç şeyler paylaşılacağı bir etkinlik izliyor olacağız. Bu yıl bu etkinlikte favorilerime eklediğim etkinliklere aşağıdaki linkten ulaşabilirsiniz.


7 Key Steps to Successfully Upgrade an NSX-T Environment [NET1915]

This is a first-in-its-kind session where we will talk about all the components attached to VMware NSX-T to make sure an upgrade is successful. We will cover how you can validate all the other components, such as the hypervisor, to help you plan the upgrade in a much better way.

Nand Kishore Vyas, NSX Tech Lead, VMware

Sushant Kamboj, Senior Network Virtualization Engineer, VMware

Akarsh Mishra, Senior Network Virtualization Engineer, VMware

Topic: Simplify Application Delivery
Track : Networking
Primary Product: VMware NSX Data Center
Primary Audience: Network Operations Lead
Session Type: Tech+ Tutorial
Level: Technical 300
Pass Type: Tech+ Pass Only
A Big Update on vRealize Operations [MCL1277]

Give us 30 minutes and we will give you an update on VMware vRealize Operations you won’t forget. The premier cloud management tool has some great things coming for ease of use, time to value, troubleshooting, capacity and cost efficiency, application monitoring, integrations, and so much more. If you have clouds and you care about management, you won’t want to miss this session.

Matt Bradford, Sr. Technical Marketing Architect, VMware

Peter Haagenson, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, VMware Inc

Topic: Manage & Operate Multiple Clouds
Track : Multi-Cloud
Primary Product: VMware vRealize Operations / vRealize Operations Cloud
Primary Audience: SysAdmin/VI Admin
Session Type: Breakout Session
Level: Technical 100
Pass Type: General and Tech+ Passes
Accelerate Time to Value by Financing Your VMware Solutions in SaaS [MCL2761S]

Dell Financial Services (DFS) redefines choice and flexibility, and is VMware’s preferred payment solutions provider, funding $1.6 billion in VMware licenses globally last year. Software as a service (SaaS) is a growing trend in IT, but few finance companies provide extended payment solutions for 100 percent software deals. With the majority of IT leaders expecting budgets to decrease or stay the same, innovative financing for VMware solutions enables customers to realize the operational and cost benefits flexible payment solutions offer. DFS provides innovative choice to leverage SaaS strategies to redefine business continuity and growth. Discover how our financing expertise for VMware solutions and our commitment to payment flexibility transform imagination into reality for customers and channel partners of all sizes.

Darren Fedorowicz, Senior Vice President, Dell Financial Services, Dell Financial Services

Topic: Co-Innovating in Action: VMware & Partner Solutions
Track : Multi-Cloud
Primary Product: VMware vSphere
Primary Audience: CFO
Session Type: Breakout Session
Level: Business 100
Pass Type: General and Tech+ Passes
Automation Showdown: Imperative vs Declarative [CODE2786]

The automation landscape has always been a source of rapid innovation. Historically, the languages, whether it’s Perl, Python, vRealize Orchestrator JavaScript, or PowerCLI, may have changed, but the imperative, step-by-step workflows you’ve learned and know have not. However, a new challenger has appeared. Declarative workflows upended the usual processes and even the languages all in the name of infrastructure as code. Human readable, plain text files can be interpreted by products like HashiCorp Terraform and RedHat Ansible to do the heavy lifting of the imperative process. The key is knowing when, how, and where to use each method within your VMware environment. Join Luc and Kyle for this session where they will discuss these different styles of automation, complete with practical examples that you can use in your own environment!

Luc Dekens, Systems Engineer, Private

Kyle Ruddy, Sr Technical Marketing Manager, HashiCorp

Topic: Manage & Operate Multiple Clouds
Track : Multi-Cloud
Primary Product: VMware vSphere
Primary Audience: DevOps Admin
Session Type: VMware {code}
Level: Technical 200
Pass Type: General and Tech+ Passes
Solution Keynote: The Future of Hybrid Work Made Possible Today – VMware Anywhere Workspace [VI3130]

Supporting secure, productive workspaces for our employees working anywhere has become a necessity. But, easier said than done as customers struggle with perimeter-based security and management constructs. Join Shankar Iyer as he brings to reality VMware Anywhere Workspace – an integrated solution featuring cloud-native endpoint management, endpoint protection, and SASE technologies. You will learn how Anywhere Workspace empowers your distributed workforce with secure, frictionless experiences; and your IT teams with the power of ruthless automation.

Shankar Iyer, SVP and GM, EUC, VMware

Hemant Kumar, Genpact

Topic: Secure the Anywhere Workspace, Embrace an Anywhere Workspace, Enable Experience & Productivity
Track : Vision & Innovation
Primary Product: VMware Workspace ONE
Primary Audience: VP, Employee Experience
Session Type: Solution Keynote
Level: Business 100
Pass Type: General and Tech+ Passes
Management Hackers: Modern Management Tips and Tricks for Windows Admins [EUS2473]

A DeskCon experience session. What is the most effective and efficient way to troubleshoot Windows 10 devices? This session is back by popular demand, with completely updated content! We will explore various troubleshooting tips for getting to the root of the issue quickly. From gathering logs locally on the device to remotely collecting them; using Fiddler to view all OMA-DM communications going to and coming from the device; comparing SyncML on the device to what was sent from the MDM server…and more. Don’t miss your exclusive access to our updated Troubleshooting Cheat Sheet!

Josue Negron, Staff Architect, VMware

Darren Weatherly, Senior Technical Marketing Architect, VMware

Topic: Embrace Unified Endpoint Management
Track : End User Services
Primary Product: VMware Workspace ONE
Primary Audience: End User Computing Specialist
Session Type: Breakout Session
Level: Technical 100
Pass Type: General and Tech+ Passes

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